1/18 Mini Baja Specs

RC cars have been entertaining people since the 1960s.

RC cars came into existence sometime in the mid-1960s. They were initially just car models with model airplane engines in them. During the ’70s, the design evolved and by the end of the decade there were off-roading remote control cars. It was in the world of all-terrain RC cars that Team Losi made its mark in the early ’80s. Losi has continued to push their designs for maximum performance and entertainment.


The 1/18 Mini-Baja is a little over 8 1/2 inches long. It’s 7 inches wide and has a wheelbase of over 5 1/2 inches. It weighs just under 19 oz. The Mini-Baja comes standard in black, silver or blue. The Baja has “big paddle tires” that help it maneuver over any harsh outdoor terrain. It also comes with an extra set of tires that you may change out whenever you desire. The Baja is equipped with oil-filled shocks and has a complete ball-bearing set.


According to Losi, the changes to the Mini-Baja have made it the “ultimate in two-wheel-drive mini ready-to-run performance.” The new Mini-Baja comes with an upgraded RX-280 electric motor. It features the Losi ESC speed control, which according to Losi offers “higher speeds and longer run times.” The car runs on a 7.2 volt 1100 milliampere hour battery. The radio signal in the Mini-Baja is a 27-megahertz synthesized FM signal.

Other Features

The Baja transmitter has a three-wire servo that sends the signals from the controller to the RC car. The transmitter requires eight AA batteries. The Baja comes with an AC wall charger. The 1/18 Mini-Baja usually sells for $149.99 as of 2010. All of the features previously listed are standard on the Baja. You may customize your Mini-Baja in any way you’d like, as all of Losi’s licensed pieces and replacement parts are adaptable to this model.

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