30th Birthday Party Ideas For A Man

Treat him to a special surprise, like a roast for his 30th birthday.

The 30th birthday is a milestone worthy of a large celebration. In the past, this was sometimes referred to as the “over the hill” birthday or the midlife birthday. Today it’s better to focus on the life of the person and their experiences, rather than any negative connotations of the day. Birthday party ideas for a man’s 30th birthday party give you elaborate ways to celebrate his big day. Does this Spark an idea?

30th Party Roast

A roast is a light way to celebrate a man’s 30th birthday and make him laugh. Guests take turns telling stories and making jokes about the person, which makes everyone in the group chuckle. Inform guests of the party theme weeks before the event, which gives them time to work on their material. Place the birthday boy, the main speakers and his close family, at a table in the front of the room. A podium placed in the center of the table provides a space for the speakers. Serve dinner after the roast and drinks before. Make sure that the birthday boy has a good sense of humor before hosting a roast in his honor.

Food Through the Decades

Create four separate food stations for the party, one for each decade they’ve experienced and a fourth for the next decade. The first station is for childhood and requires the simple food they loved as a kid, such as macaroni and cheese, miniature cheeseburgers, sloppy joes and hot dogs. The second station is for the foods they ate or made as a teen. Look for miniature pizzas and microwave or quick cooking foods. Focus the third station on foods they ate in college and in the early years of their career, including ramen noodles and brownies. The fourth station requires more upscale food and the kind of foods they may enjoy in the future. Try international foods, like Thai or sushi.

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Casino Night

Turn their 30th birthday party into a celebration by hosting a casino night in your home. Rent the equipment from a party supply store, limiting yourself to one of each table or machine. If you have more space available you can rent multiples. Create different spaces in the room for card games, dice games and any other games you offer. Line the floors with red velvet to make the room feel more upscale. Serve martinis and simple finger foods that won’t distract guests from their games.