360 Controller Compatible Pc Games

Gamers can use an Xbox 360 controller for PC with PC games that have controller support and sport the “Games for Windows” logo. If the game is also available for the Xbox 360, the game applies the default control scheme and vibration functionality automatically to the Xbox 360 controller for PC. While not guaranteed to work, the Xbox 360 controller for PC should be compatible with most PC games that support USB controllers.

Grand Theft Auto IV

“Grand Theft Auto IV” is an action-adventure game released for the PC on December 2, 2008. “Grand Theft Auto” lets players explore an open world at their own will. The game takes players back to Liberty City, introduced in “Grand Theft Auto III,” while introducing new characters, new gangs, new weapons and a variety of new missions. Players can use the Xbox 360 controller for PC by itself or in tandem with the mouse and keyboard.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

“Batman: Arkham Asylum” is an action game released for the PC on September 15, 2009. After getting tricked by the Joker, Batman must fending off a long list of villains that have been set free inside Arkham. As the game progresses, players will encounter over 26 familiar Batman villains including Bane, Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze. The FreeFlow combat system makes it easy for players to string together long and damaging attack combos.

Dirt 2

“Dirt 2” is an off-road racing game released for the PC on December 8, 2009. “Dirt 2” features fully detailed real-world environments including Los Angeles’ Stadium King Shootout and Malaysia’s Rawang Rally Run. Racers can choose from 20+ officially licensed rally cars, all of which racers can upgrade or tweak to their preference. Tournaments, leader boards and social networking are free and built into the online multiplayer component. Multiplayer supports up to eight players simultaneously in a variety of rally-based racing modes.

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