A Laser Sight To A Colt Cobra

Few guns have a history as long and storied as the Colt Cobra. A lighter, aluminum-alloy version of the famed Colt Detective Special, the Cobra is prized for its ease of concealment and speed of withdrawal. Many customizations can be performed on the Colt Cobra, and one of the most popular is the addition of a laser sight. With the proper tools and technique, you can install a laser sight on a Colt Cobra in a few steps.


1. Empty the Colt Cobra of all ammunition before installing the laser sight. The Colt Cobra holds six bullets. Make sure each chamber is empty.

2. Unscrew the stock bolt from the center of the Cobra’s grip with a standard screwdriver. The stock bolt and stock nut from the opposite side will come loose. Set them aside for later use.

3. Install the batteries required by the laser sight. Most “D” frame laser-sight grip kits require small “watch” batteries, and many kits come with these batteries included. Refer to the kit instructions for the correct type of battery.

4. Wrap the laser sight grip around the stock of the Cobra, placing the dust shield between the stock and the inside of the laser sight grip.

5. Place the stock nut from the original grip in the stock-bolt hole in the laser sight grip.

6. Pass the stock bolt through the stock-bolt hole in the laser sight and screw it securely in place with a standard screwdriver.

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