About Antifog Spray

Anti-fog spray is the ideal way to keep safety goggles, sunglasses, auto glass, car windscreens, visors and bathroom mirrors clear and fog-free. It can be used for any mirror or glass surface, and its effects last for a long time. It works by covering surfaces with a temporary, fog-resistant layer. There are many different anti-fog sprays available on the market.


Anti-fog spray is a waxy coating that is translucent but keeps water molecules from clinging onto surfaces (thus preventing fog from building up) such as mirrors and glass. It rejects the water molecules by beading them and therefore enabling you to see better through the surface.


Sometimes conditions can be so extreme that no type of anti-fog spray will really work. Such examples include being in freezing temperatures and then suddenly entering warmer environments (the water absorbed by the anti-fog spray can ice up and block vision), hydrophobic lenses (dirt- and fingerprint-resistant lenses that usually reject anti-fog spray, too) and severely wet conditions such as rain (could potentially wash off the coating). In conditions like these, your anti-fog spray will most likely stop working properly.


There are many different brands of anti-fog sprays on the market now. Some of the most popular brands include Aqua Sphere, Fogtech, Kleer Vu, Stupiddogg and Speedo. Fogtech is often thought of as the best anti-fog spray because it tends to have the longest lasting results for keeping fog away from surfaces. It is also very quick to apply, usually taking less than 20 seconds to protect lenses.

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Anti-fog spray varies in price, but it generally goes for between $5 and $15. For $5 (and sometimes, on rare occasions, you can find small bottles for under $3), you can generally purchase a 2 oz. bottle of anti-fog spray. $15 should get you 8 oz. or more.

Expert Insight

Another common but interesting use for anti-fog spray is for cleaning camera lenses. Before using a camera, it’s a good idea to get a soft cloth, apply some anti-fog spray to it and clean the camera lens. Gently wipe the spray off the lens, and you are ready to start taking pictures. This process is very quick, extremely easy and long lasting.