About Diablo Paintball Guns

Diablo is a brand of paintball equipment that is well known for its line of mid-level priced automatic and semi-automatic paintball guns. They have several models of guns, also called markers, which vary in skill level, range, and size. Diablo paintball guns are also renowned for their sleek design and visual aesthetics.


All the Diablo paintball gun models are known for their light and sensitive ammunition triggers. Most paintball guns require the user to push the trigger down with considerable force to elicit the firing response, however the Diablo models react with little pressure, allowing the user to respond quickly to opponents. This feature compliments the other distinctive attribute of Diablo guns, accuracy, making them a favorite choice for paintball enthusiasts.


One of the most popular marker models offered by Diablo is the Diablo Mongoose, a popular beginner’s gun that features a LCD visual screen, four firing modes, a shot counter, and an adjustable rate of fire. It can fire paintballs at a rate of thirteen balls per second, and like all Diablo models is respected for its accurate shooting abilities. Unlike some paint guns, the Mongoose does not destroy paintballs in the firing chamber, and can be taken apart for travel or storage quickly.


The real jewel in the Diablo catalogue is the Diablo Wrath, an aluminum based marker that can shoot at a rate of up to twenty balls per second and can function in automatic or semi-automatic mode. The entire gun weighs less than two pounds, and Diablo has created an entire line of upgrade options to enhance the marker, such as grips, trigger enhancements and decorative decals. Like the Mongoose, the Wrath boasts a LCD display screen and quick disassembly.

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Diablo paintball guns share the market with companies like Spyder, Tippmann, WGP, and Dye, all of whom are well known in the paintball industry. While these companies enjoy committed consumer niches, such as weekend players, club players and tournament players, Diablo’s market earns distinction as it spans from entry-level players to advanced enthusiasts, making it one of the most widely used companies in the industry.


Part of Diablo’s consumer success is born from reasonable prices and stellar warranty. Most of Diablo’s models range in cost from just under one hundred dollars to a little more than two hundred dollars, which is the mid-level price point for markers. Also, all Diablo’s guns come with a lifetime warranty. If a gun is having a problem, the customer can return it to the nearest Diablo factory where it will be fixed and returned.