About Iris Goggles

Goggles are necessary to protect eyes during snow sports

The term Iris Goggles usually refers to the anti-fog, anti-glare goggles made for snow skiers and bicyclists by a Swedish company called POC. Cascade, a well-known maker of protective eyewear for lacrosse and field hockey players, manufactures sports “eyemasks” or goggles, with an option for women and young players called the Cascade Iris.


POC produces seven different types of Iris goggles. Each type combines various features involving size, shape, frame color, lens type, lens color, mirror color, and degree of visible light transmissions, or the amount of light that reaches your eyes while wearing the goggles.


All of the POC goggles are contoured to the face and are meant to protect the wearer’s eyes during active outdoor events. Some special features of the light weight goggles are anti-glare protection from the sun, an anti-fog feature and lens that allow optimal peripheral vision. Some of the Iris goggles also have a break away option.


POC was founded in 2003 by Stefan Ytterborn and has claimed awards for some of its products. In 2010 POC received the Gold iF Product Design Award for its Cortex DH MIPS bicycle helmet. Earlier the same year it won the SIA Snowpress Innovations Award for its Receptor Backcountry helmet.

Sponsorships and Cost

POC has sponsored numerous Olympic skiers, including American Julia Mancuso, winner of the gold medal in 2006 and the silver in 2010 in Alpine Skiing events. Mancuso has also partnered with POC to design her own “POC Iris Comp Julia” women’s goggles. A pair of normal POC Iris goggles cost around $99.99 as of 2010.

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Target Audience

POC says the Iris goggles are impact-absorbing and have penetration-resistant construction. It promotes the Iris goggles as being primarily for gravity sports athletes but are also frequently used by outdoor workers.