About Laser Sights

Laser sights enable shooters to rapidly acquire targets with a great degree of accuracy. Laser sights are exceptionally beneficial in tactical applications. The sights can be used with rifles, shotguns or handguns. Introduced to the commercial market in the late ’80s, laser sights have become both more affordable and reliable. Additionally, laser sights have a great capacity to intimidate; when the bullet’s point of impact is clearly visible on an aggressor’s chest, he tends to give up.

Rifle Sights

Laser sights are usually mounted on rifles, using Weaver-style scope mounts. Laser/flashlight combos are common among tactical weapons and are generally mounted on the side of the rifles.

Shotgun Sights

Shotguns equipped with laser sights often have them mounted with Weaver-style bases or attached below the barrel on the magazine tube. Laser sights are conducive with typical shotgun use; they allow the shooter to quickly aim at the center of the projected shotgun blast.

Handgun Sights

Laser sights are available in several configurations to match your specific handgun. Some models of laser sights come as replacement parts for either the grip or the pistol guide rod. Others can be mounted directly to the weapon.

Laser Training

The use of lasers in conjunction with law enforcement and military training has proven beneficial; in controlled tests, the use of lasers increased shooter accuracy by as much as 70 percent. Additionally, laser sights let shooters practice quickly acquiring targets without having to fire their weapons; this is especially helpful for handguns (which are inherently more difficult to aim than rifles or shotguns).

Available Beam Colors

While the majority of laser sights still feature red beams, green laser beam are becoming increasingly popular among shooters. The advantage of green laser beams is that they are easier to see in lighted conditions, without requiring more energy.