About Mini Paintball Guns

About Mini Paintball Guns

Paintball, a paramilitary game of strategy and athleticism, is far from a static sport. As technology develops, so does the sport. While each advance takes the game in a new direction, some breakthroughs revolutionize the sport. Mini paintball guns, or markers, offer some of the newest technology to grace the industry in years, and most players are excited to reap the benefits.


Mini paintball guns are truly that—miniature. Weighing just under 2 lb. before the air tank and hopper, these markers are great for speedball players, or small hands. Mini paintball guns are also small in price. New guns can be purchased for just over $300, while many used models sell for well under $300. While they are cheap, they are technologically some of the best markers available on the market.


Aside from weight, mini paintball guns offer numerous other features that make them desirable for both recreational and tournament play. Mini paintball guns can fire 20 paintballs per second and use far less air than other markers in the process. They are also consistent and accurate, qualities derived from the sable electronic system. Mini paintball guns are simple in design and are therefore simple to clean. There are only three parts to the marker—the barrel, breach and bolt. A simple design also means simple maintenance, and mini paintball guns can often be repaired at home with minimal effort.


The size of mini paintball guns makes them the perfect weapons for speedball or other face-paced paintball games, but they are also great guns for beginners—they are inexpensive, easy to maintain, and provide new players with a quality gun that will not burden them on the field. Many paintball markers are not efficient out of the box. Stock model mini paintball guns, however, can compete with most modified markers. Experienced players will know exactly what to alter to make their markers fit their playing style, but mini paintball guns allow novice players to compete without having to know every detail of the sport.

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Of course, while mini paintball guns are perfect for speedball players and beginners, those are not the only participants in the sport of paintball. Some players enjoy simulation play, where everything from dress and weapons to props and sets are historically accurate both in appearance and function. A World War II simulation game would not benefit from mini paintball guns, regardless of how flawless the markers are. While mini paintball guns are revolutionizing some aspects of the game, there are some paintball niches that will not be impressed with the futuristic look and function of these markers.


As stated above, mini paintball guns are competitive right out of the box. However, they are also perfect for modification. The frame of the gun will always be small and light, but longer barrels, harder triggers and aftermarket boards can all be added to perfect performance. Of course, any modifications must comply with tournament rules—for players hoping to shoot on fields that permit semiautomatics only, tweaking a mini paintball gun to fire at a rate higher than 20 paintballs per second would render the marker illegal.