About Spyder Paintball Guns

Spyder is a trusted name in paintball gun manufacturing. They have been manufacturing paintball guns since the early 1990s, and produce some of the most popular semi-automatic and electronic guns on the market. Here’s a company overview and a look at some of their guns.

Time Frame

Spyder was founded by Arthur Chang in 1993, and Chang still serves as CEO. Within a few years, they were producing some of the most popular guns on the market and quickly became a standard name in the sport. They continue to make popular performance guns and serve as a leader in the paintball market. In addition to manufacturing guns, Spyder also sells accessories and paintball clothing. The company also sponsors a variety of league play around the world.


Spyder’s paintball gun line is divided into four individual series. The flagship Classic Series features some of Spyder’s highest-performance guns. The RS Series is designated by its use of Synergy Engineered Technology which regulates air flow to prevent breakage of paintballs. The VS Series is aimed at reducing weight while increasing stability of fire. The MR Series features guns with rugged construction, and customization options designed specifically for scenario play.


Altogether, Spyder incorporates 16 different paintball guns in its four lines. Guns are further divided among semi-automatic and e-markers (electronic guns). The Classic Series E-markers include the Electra, Pilot and Pilot ACS. The Classic Series Semi-Auto features the Xtra, Sonix and Victor. The RS Series features the RS and the RSX. The VS Series features the VS 1, 2 and 3. The MR Series includes the MR1, the E-MR1, MR2, MR2 with EYE and the MR3.


Spyder uses the latest in technology to ensure that its guns are accurate, efficient, lightweight and high-performing. Guns that include EYE technology utilize small lasers to ensure that a ball is properly loaded before the bolt moves forward to prevent chopping of the paintball. EYE is included on various guns including the Pilot, Electra and MR2 with EYE. Spyder’s e-markers allow you to quickly switch between firing modes. Firing modes vary by gun but include (semi-auto, burst and full auto) or (semi-auto, Ramp PSP and Ramp Millennium). Many Spyder e-markers include the high-end Tadao Technology circuit board that allows for seamless electronic operation.


Spyder offers a wide range of guns that appeal to paintball players of all kinds. From inexpensive semi-automatics under $100 to high-end, performance e-markers with all Spyder’s latest design features, the line is an excellent place to look for your first or newest paintball gun.