About Thermal Goggles

If you ever wished that you could see as clearly at night as during the day, then your wish has finally come true. Thermal goggles are the answer to seeing clearly no matter what the visibility around you may be. If you are considering thermal goggles for recreational or job-related use, then be sure that you understand how and why the technology works so that you can purchase the pair best suited to your needs.


Thermal goggles use the relative heat of the objects around you to show you clear outlines of the terrain–both living and non-living–in your immediate area. They can be adjusted to your preferences when it comes to colors and contrasts so that you have a perfectly clear view of the area around you whether it is daylight, foggy or black and pitch. Thermal goggles fit closely to your head so that your hands are both free at all times.


Thermal goggles are somewhat bulky just because of the technology embedded in the device. However, they have thick, canvas or rubber straps to hold them in place, or can be attached to a helmet or other headpiece so that you can work with your hands entirely free. They fit securely around the eyes so that you are not distracted or confused by external factors.


When you are wearing thermal goggles, your vision will feel normal although all the colors will be off. However, some details will be missing because there may not be enough of a temperature differential for the goggles to distinguish them. For example, ground texture may be hard to see, although you should easily be able to see raised areas, rocks, and other potential tripping hazards.

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Thermal goggles have a big advantages over other limited visibility tools. They can be used under almost any conditions, and when there is absolutely no light. Also even if it is very bright outside, foggy or smoky or there are other weather conditions that would interfere with conventional night vision goggles, thermal vision goggles work the same way that they always do. Also, with thermal vision goggles it is very easy to detect the presence of living creatures even when they are lying perfectly still and are otherwise camouflaged because their body heat will give them away.


Thermal goggles come in several models. The most common one is shaped like a pair of binoculars and fits over the eyes. However, there are also thermal cameras and other types of imaging devices that record what you are seeing as you see it. Thermal goggles also come in hand-held versions that can be placed in front of the eyes, then removed quickly and easily to get multiple perspectives.


Many people think that thermal goggles are only to be used by law enforcement and military personnel. However, in reality anyone can use and enjoy thermal goggles. They can be ordered off the Internet or purchased in many hunting and outdoor equipment stores. They can be quite expensive, but the lower-quality sets can cost as little as $50 (see Resources below).