Action Games For Kids

Laser tag is one game among many that gets kids moving.

Action games are a good alternative to board games. They get kids up and running around and teach them about strategy. Kids love the adventure and the ability to pretend to be someone else. These games can last for hours, so it is best for children to begin playing them in the early afternoon. Otherwise, they may have to stop and continue with the game the following day.

Laser Tag

Laser tag uses a laser gun and a receiver dome. The receiver dome is worn in the middle of your chest. Whenever a player shoots his laser gun directly at it, it will go off. Depending on the type of equipment you have, you may be out after the first hit, third hit or fifth direct hit. Players must define their play area if they are not using a laser tag center. If anyone goes outside of the play area, he loses. Laser tag is a no-contact sports. The object is to connect the laser beam from the laser gun to the receiver dome. As soon as players are suited up, they have one minute to find a hiding place. They then seek out other players and eliminate them by shooting them with the laser gun. The last child standing wins.


Paintball works much the same way as laser tag, but it is a little more painful. Children must have permission from their parents if they play at a paintball center. It also is possible to rent or buy the equipment to play in your backyard. Players must wear goggles and a helmet for safety. They also should wear several layers of clothing as the paintballs can hurt when they hit you. Players must find places to hide when the game begins. They hunt out other players by shooting them with a paintball gun. Players must keep a constant eye out because other players will be hunting them at the same time. The player who is hit the least wins.

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Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is an action game that can be played with minimal equipment. All you need are two flags, one for each team. Children need to contact their friends to arrange a time to play because the game needs more than six players. The teams decide whose yard to play in and determine the boundaries for each side. There should be a middle line where the teams will meet once they hide their flags. The teams assign members to guard the flag, members to scout for the other team’s flag and some floaters who will help out as needed. Once both teams are ready, the game begins. The first team to capture the opposite team’s flag and bring it over to its side of the border wins.