Activity Gifts For Him

A go-kart race is an exciting type of gift.

If a man in your life, whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, son, child or friend, loves adventure, an activity-related gift might be the best option to get him. You can give this type of gift for his birthday or other occasions throughout the year, and can range significantly based on where you live and where his interests lie. Prior to booking the activity, you may wish to drop a few subtle hints to determine if the experience is something he’d enjoy.


When many people think of go-karting, they may think of karts geared toward children. But many cities offer high-speed go-kart facilities that are ideal for adults. In these facilities, you can book multi-lap races with a group of friends, wear fire suits and navigate your way around a track at high speeds. Some such facilities include digital scoreboards to keep track of the racers as they move around the track. If you know a man who’s into racing and loves a thrill, a high-speed go-kart activity might be appreciated.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing isn’t for everyone, but if you’re buying an experience-based gift for a man who isn’t afraid of heights, enjoys new challenges and is physically fit, rock climbing is an option. Rock climbing facilities can range from indoor adventure centers to outdoor facilities to businesses set up at actual mountains. Whatever the case, these facilities offer safe climbs for beginners, and your friend or family member may become instantly addicted to the challenges of this sport.

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Water Sports

A water sport such as white-water rafting or kayaking may be an activity that intrigues the gift recipient. If you live near a river, there may be a rafting business that caters to groups of thrill seekers. You can buy him this experience as a gift and invite several members of his family and some friends to complete the adventure. After a group has been through a set of rapids in a raft, it will have plenty of fun telling stories about the activity. Kayaking lessons won’t mean an immediate foray into exhilarating white water, but if the man you know is into adventure, this type of activity may also be appealing.


Skydiving isn’t for the faint of heart, but many people find it gives them an extreme rush of adrenaline. If the gift recipient is a thrill seeker, a skydiving trip may give him the ultimate rush. Skydiving schools give him on-the-ground training about the experience he’ll soon undertake, then he gets to jump out of a plane while strapped to an expert who will make sure he has a safe landing.


Other activity-related gift ideas can depend exactly on what the gift recipient enjoys doing or has an interest in. Some ideas include a hot-air balloon ride, small airplane ride, paintball, cooking class, all-terrain vehicle adventure, horseback riding, deep-sea fishing and a one-on-one lesson in virtually anything within his area of interest.