Adjust A Barrel Laser Sight & Scope

Adjusting your scope to be zeroed in for your rifle can be accomplished quickly, safely and inexpensively by using a barrel-mounted laser boresighter. This variety of laser boresighter is placed into the end of your rifle from where it projects a laser beam to the rifle’s point of impact — the point where the bullet will hit the target. The advantage of using the barrel-mounted laser boresighter is that it can accommodate multiple calibers from .22 all the way up to .50. Before using your laser boresighter, make sure that your rifle is unloaded.


1. Screw the appropriate caliber adapter onto the end of the boresighter stem with your small screwdriver.

2. Place the stem of the laser boresighter down the end of the barrel.

3. Prepare a target at a distance of approximately 100 yards.

4. Turn on your laser using the switch on the side of the device.

5. Aim your rifle at the target and notice where the laser is striking your target.

6. Adjust your scope’s crosshairs so that they intersect on the spot where the beam is hitting the target. The crosshair adjustment dials are located on the top and the right-hand side of your scope. When the crosshairs are aligned with the laser beam, your scope is zeroed in.

7. Turn off your laser boresighter and remove.

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