Adjust A Jt Raptor Paintball Mask

The JT Raptor paintball mask features fog-free goggle lenses and adjustable straps that are designed to give the wearer a comfortable fit. Some new JT Raptor mask owners may find the straps confusing to adjust. It is important to adjust the straps properly to ensure that the mask stays in place while you run and play paintball. If the mask unexpectedly falls out of place during a round of paintball, you will run the risk of being fired upon and potentially sustaining a serious injury to the eyes or head.


1. Place the mask over your face and position the head strap across the back of your head.

2. Reach behind your head and grab the black sliding adjuster bars on the head strap of the goggles. Pull the bars apart to tighten the strap; slide the bars closer together to loosen the strap. Remember, the mask should fit snugly while remaining comfortable for long periods of wear.

3. Loosen the clip on the chinstrap by threading the end of the strap through the base of the clip slot until the strap is long enough to fit comfortably under your chin while fastened with the clip. Adjust the chinstrap by sliding the clip into the slot and pulling the end of the chinstrap down until it is snug and comfortable.

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