Adjust A Spray Paint Gun

Making adjustments to your spray paint gun is necessary when you want a smooth, even coat. You can make these adjustments easily by spending a few minutes testing different settings. Once you’ve learned spray the perfect amount of paint, you will be able to paint multiple surfaces using a variety of paint types.


Adjust a Spray Paint Gun

1. Choose the rate of air pressure you want to use. The fluid adjustment knob should be turned in so little paint will escape. Use a thick piece of paper or wood plank to test the thickness of the paint. Test paint thickness outside to avoid getting paint on hard to clean surfaces. When you pull the trigger, only air should escape.

2. Turn the fluid adjustment knob once and pull the trigger again. Continue to adjust the fluid adjustment knob until you reach the paint consistency you want for your project. Make sure the spray paint gun is 6 to 8 inches away from the paper or wood plank. Use the spray paint gun as you would when painting to ensure the consistency is correct.

3. Find a surface that’s at least 12 inches in length that can be painted. Test the spray paint gun to make sure the consistency is what you want. Make any final adjustments by turning the fluid adjustment knob.

4. Begin to paint. Depending on the type of paint you’re using you may need to make adjustments to your spray paint gun while painting.

5. Allow paint to dry. Always clean your spray paint gun before storing it to ensure that it will work properly the next time you use it.

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