Adjust Airport On A Proto Slg

The SLG and SLG Ultralite are appreciated by new and experienced paintball enthusiasts alike.

The Proto SLG series of paintball rifles is made up of the SLG regular and SLG Ultralite models. Both models were introduced in 2008 and are officially discontinued, but at the time of publication dealers still sell the most recent 2010 model of the SLG from their existing stocks. The SLG is a very versatile and flexible paintball marker. You can adjust different parts and features of the SLG and SLG Ultralite for your comfort and ease of use. One of the easiest parts of the rifle to adjust is its airport, where you attach your air propellant canister.


Adjusting the Airport

1. Remove all propellant cartridges and paintballs from your rifle. Skip to Step 5 if you have a Proto SGL Ultralite paintball marker.

2. Position your Proto SGL regular model rifle so the barrel faces away from you. Insert your 3/32-inch Allen key wrench into the hexagonal, recessed head of any one of the three screws at the bottom right, top right or top left edge of the left side of your rifle grip. Turn the wrench away from you (counterclockwise) until you loosen the screw enough that you can lift it out by hand. Repeat for the two remaining screws. Pull the left grip panel upward and off the grip and set it aside along with the screws. Remove the 9-volt battery from its compartment inside the grip.

3. Insert a 3/32-inch Allen key wrench into the recessed hole of the airport release screw at the bottom of the inside of the grip, just to the left of the battery compartment. Turn the wrench counterclockwise until you can slide the airport, which is the cylindrical assembly at the outside bottom of the grip, back and forth. Select the position you desire and turn the wrench clockwise to tighten the screw and hold the airport in place.

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4. Place the battery back in its compartment and reconnect it. Line up the grip panel mounting holes with the holes in the grip assembly. Insert each screw and then use your Allen key wrench to tighten it and fasten the panel back onto the grip.

5. Locate the airport adjustment screw in the hole at the bottom of the right side of the grip of your SLG Ultralite. Insert a 1/8-inch Allen key wrench into the recessed head of the screw and turn it one full turn away from you (counterclockwise). Slide the airport, which is attached to the rail on the bottom of the grip, into a comfortable position for you. Lock it in place by turning the wrench clockwise until you can no longer slide the airport.

6. Proceed to Section 2 if you need to adjust your pin depressor screw for ideal airflow with a new propellant canister.

Adjusting the Airport Pin Depressor

7. Push the gray plastic housing of the airport toward the rear of the rifle to free the airport hose. Pull the hose out of the airport.

8. Insert a 5/64-inch Allen key wrench into the airport housing so it engages the set screw inside the airport. Turn the wrench a few turns toward you to loosen the set screw.

9. Screw your air system (propellant) into the airport as far as you can so no air escapes. Turn the pin depressor screw on the left side of the airport clockwise until you hear a hissing sound that indicates air is escaping.

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10. Turn your air system a half a turn away from you (counterclockwise) so the leaking stops. Start the leaking again by turning the pin depressor screw clockwise.

11. Unscrew the air system and replace the hose. Your pin depressor screw is now calibrated for proper airflow with your present air system. Repeat all steps if you need to readjust the pin depressor screw for a new air system.