Adjust An Invert Mini Trigger

Paintball has substantially grown in popularity in the last 10 years.

Adjusting the trigger pull on the Invert Mini paintball gun is as easy as adjusting three screws. These three screws can change every aspect of the trigger pull so that you can find the perfect setting for your personal style.


1. Locate the three adjustment screws on the trigger. These screws will be used to adjust all aspects of the trigger’s pull.

2. Turn the lowest screw, located about halfway down the face of the trigger, to adjust rear movement range and stop. Essentially, this screw controls how far the trigger can be pulled. Keep in mind the shorter the pull the faster it can be repeatedly pulled.

3. The rear top screws adjust the forward movement and stop point. This controls how far forward the trigger returns after being pulled. A shorter forward distance can also increase the speed of the trigger pull.

4. The front top screw will adjust the trigger’s activation point. This is an extremely important part of adjusting your trigger pull. You need to have the activation point somewhere in between your forward and rear movement. If you don’t, the trigger will never activate.