Adjust Your Chronograph In Paintball

Prep your paintball gun to the desired specs before the next game.

Paintball guns require fine tuning to get the proper psi release on the ball. When the pressure setting is too high, velocity is lost as there is too much pressure on the valve, resulting in the ball moving slower with an unequal amount of pressure in the chamber. To get the paintball gun at its peak performance, use a chronograph, which is commonly found at paintball centers, to tune the gun to peak pressure settings and velocity. This process takes time, but is relatively simple.


1. Position the chronograph so it faces up, about halfway between you and a target 25 yards away. Many paintball centers have shooting galleries with chronographs set up and ready to go.

2. Load the paintball gun with a full clip of ammunition. Fire over the chronograph at the target to get a baseline reading of the velocity of the paintball gun.

3. Fire five more shots, adjusting the psi by 25 psi each time. Read the chronograph data after each shot to see if it is increasing or decreasing. Continue to increase the psi if the chronograph velocity is reading a constant climb.

4. Decrease the psi by 25 psi when the chronograph shows a decrease in velocity, indicating the gun has too much pressure. Take another shot and read the data on the chronograph. If it is still slower than the initial reading, decrease another 25 psi. When the velocity does not drop, the paintball gun is tuned to the proper psi for best velocity.