Adult Bridal Shower Gifts

An adult bridal shower is the environment for a wide range of edgy gifts.

An adult-themed bridal shower or bachelorette party is ideal for a bride-to-be who likes to be edgy. Enjoying an adult bridal shower involves playing naughty party games and exchanging theme-friendly gifts. Brainstorming ideas for adult bridal shower gifts gives you the opportunity to present some enjoyable moments during the event.

Adult Edibles

A gift of something sweet and sensual not only stirs conversation at the party, but also brings smiles to attendees’ faces. Visiting a custom bakery that specializes in adult baked goods is ideal for someone who doesn’t have baking experience. These bakeries create and decorate cakes to look like suggestive body parts and adult scenes. Alternately, you can order shaped cake molds and make your own adult, naughty cake at home with cake mix and decorating materials. The adult edible not only serves as a gift, but as the centerpiece and snack for an adult bridal shower.


Lingerie gifts given at a bridal shower are meant to help the bride enjoy her honeymoon with her new husband. It’s almost traditional to give at least one piece of lingerie to a bride-to-be, but an adult bridal shower is the ideal event for such things. Silk and lace in delicate colors are timeless choices, but you can get risqu and give gifts of leather and other naughty materials for a titillating occasion. Gag lingerie, such as edible panties and bras, are also suitable gifts for an adult bridal shower.


Adult novelties would make someone blush at a normal bridal shower, but anything is suitable at an adult shower. Visit adult novelty shops or look online for a myriad of toys, costumes, board games and other items that are aimed at couples who want to explore their relationship sensually. These gifts may get a chuckle out of the unsuspecting bride when she unwraps them; they may also help her look forward to her wedding night.

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Gift Cards and Coupons

If you’re too shy to select a naughty gift at the adult bridal shower, you can give gift cards and coupons as gifts instead. Lingerie stores, adult novelty stores and other related boutiques often offer online gift cards for just this type of situation. This also allows the bride to select the types of lingerie or novelties she likes, instead of relying on someone else to choose them for her.