Affordable Boy’S 16th Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrate 16 with a budget-friendly party.

Turning 16 is a huge milestone in a young man’s life. Girls are often gifted with a sweet 16 party, and young men deserve a special celebration for this coming-of-age birthday, as well. Consult with your teen, and keep his likes and interests in mind when planning to ensure a successful event. Keeping the party within a reasonable budget is manageable if you stick to a plan. Does this Spark an idea?

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a budget-friendly and fun way to celebrate turning 16. It is especially exciting for a group that is outgoing and enjoys getting a little silly. Gather the teens at a local mall or downtown area and divide them into groups. You can split them into two large teams or smaller groups, whatever works for your crowd. Present them with a list of things to find or do and set a time limit. Items on the list could include things like: “Take a picture with a security guard,” “Collect a piece of foreign money” and “Collect three free samples.” Send along a digital camera so they can document their successes. When time is up, all the participants must meet at a designated place. A local ice-cream shop or pizza place would be a good place to gather. Treat them to a snack as the lists are compared. Award a small prize to the team that crosses off the most items on the list.

Paintball Party

Let boys be boys with a paintball party that will burn off some energy and put their critical thinking skills to use forming strategies. Parents may have to sign waivers before their kids can participate, so keep this in mind when planning. Many paintball places have packages available for private parties, which are usually reasonably priced. Some will have pavilions where you can host a BBQ after the match. If not, plan a BBQ at home with a military theme, to feed the hungry troops. Keep it budget-friendly by serving easy lunch foods such as chips, hot dogs and hamburgers, and cupcakes instead of cake.

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Surf Party

A surf party is a great idea for a teen who loves the outdoors and hanging with friends. If you have a pool, this is the perfect place to host the party. If not, you can inquire with friends and neighbors, or rent a local clubhouse, community or recreation center. Look around at a few different places to find the best deal. If the timing is right, consider hosting the party on a weekday that is also a school (not national) holiday for a better price. Instruct guests to come ready for water fun, and provide a volleyball net for competitive pool play. A limbo contest is also an easy, inexpensive and fun activity. Serve theme foods such as fish fingers and fresh fruit, buffet style, for the teens to munch on throughout the party. Play festive surf music to set the vibe.