Aim A Bb Gun

Learning aim a BB gun

Most every boy has a BB gun at some point in their childhood. Owning a BB gun is an excellent way to learn basic gun safety, as well as to hone shooting skills. Many people feel that it is an essential skill to learn. The two basic forms of BB guns are rifles and pistols, with each having a slightly different technique. Rifles are held against the shoulder, while pistols are held in front of the shooter. Whether you have a rifle or a pistol, here is properly aim a BB gun.


1. The first step is to take position from your target. BBs and other projectiles will loose height in their flight path as they begin to slow down and lose velocity, so do not go on a long hike away from your target. A reasonable shooting distance is fine.

2. As you stand in line with your target, place the butt of the rifle against your right shoulder. Hold the weapon up, pointed in the direction of the target. Your right hand should be near the trigger, and your left hand stretched out to support the weight on the other side of the BB Gun. Note that if you are left handed, you should reverse the position.

3. Tilt your head so that you can look down the barrel of the BB gun, and squint your eyes so that your vision becomes focused on the gun sites. There are two sites on the BB gun. One is a site with a slot in the middle, near where your face is positioned. The other is a small bead that rests at the far end of the BB gun barrel.

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4. Adjust the position of far end of the gun barrel so that you can see the beaded sight when looking through the slot of the other site. Now adjust your aim so that the bead is both on the target and lined up with the slot in the first site. You have now aimed the BB gun and are ready to fire.