Aim A Rifle

Aim your rifle carefully

Learning aim a rifle is a basic part of using the firearm. To begin with, if you do not know aim the rifle, then you stand very little chance of actually hitting your target. Knowing aim the rifle also adds to the degree of firearms safety knowledge that you have, providing you with more responsible control over the rifle. Here is a quick guide on properly aim a rifle.


Aim a Rifle

1. Set the target up at one end of the shooting range, and take a position across from the target at the opposite end. A projectile fired from a rifle travels at much higher velocity than a round fired from a hand gun, and will travel much farther. Because of this, it is highly recommended to use a professional shooting range for your practice, but if one is not available, any secluded, rural area will work.

2. Grasp the stock of the rifle, near the trigger guard, with your trigger hand. This will be your right hand if you are right-handed, or your left hand if you are left-handed.

3. With your trigger hand grasping the stock of the rifle, use your other hand to hold the rifle farther down the barrel. This will give you greater balance, allowing you to hold the rifle steady as you aim, and also helping to keep control of the rifle when it is fired.

4. Check to make sure no one is potentially in the line of fire. There should definitely be no one behind the target area. There should also not be anyone to the sides of the path of the projectile. Any spectators should be located safely BEHIND the person with the rifle.

5. When the coast is clear, carefully raise the rifle and press the butt of the rifle stick firmly against the shoulder. Remember to keep your trigger hand near the trigger guard, and your other hand stretched closer to the end of the barrel to provide leverage. With the rifle raised, point it in the general direction of the target and prepare to take aim.

6. Cock your head slightly to the side so that your eyes are lined up on the rifle sight near the stock. Squint one eye so that your vision is focused directly on the sight. You should be able to clearly see two sights on the rifle. One sight is located near the stock, and has a small slot/groove cut into it. The second sight is near the end of the rifle and is a small bead, sometimes highlighted with red or orange paint.

7. With both sights in view, slightly adjust the far end of the barrel so that the bead sight can now be viewed through the slot in the first sight. When the sights are lined up in this manner, you are aiming the rifle.

8. With the two sights lined up, adjust the line of fire so that the small bead is now not only visible through the slot, but is also lined up directly on your target. You have now aimed the rifle at the target.