Aiming Tips For Counter Strike

Originally released as a user-created game mod based upon “Half-Life” in 1999, “Counter-Strike” gained such a strong foothold in the computer gaming community that several retail versions of the game were developed and released thereafter. The game is a team-based first-person shooter wherein players take the roles of terrorists or counter-terrorists. Matches are won by either eliminating the opposing team or completing your team’s mission objective. Obviously, in a first-person shooter, proper weapon aiming is essential.

Aim to Kill

The “Counter-Strike” series relies heavily upon positional damage to determine who gains the upper hand in a firefight; that is to say, certain body parts will take more damage than others when shot. Limbs suffer the least amount of damage; the abdomen takes moderate damage; and the head is your opponent‘s weakest point. When aiming your gun, try to aim at the opponent’s chest/neck area. Once you’ve taken a few shots, recoil should force your weapon up just enough that you’ll automatically start shooting at the opponent’s head.

Be Wary of Recoil

Every weapon suffers a degree of recoil. Automatic weapons typically suffer the greatest recoil. The longer you shoot your weapon, the less accurate it will become. Likewise, your aim will start moving upwards because of the force. Compensate for this by firing in short controlled bursts instead of going full automatic. This keeps the weapon accurate while simultaneously keeping your crosshairs trained on the target.

Movement Penalizes Accuracy

All types of movement have a negative effect on your current weapon’s accuracy. This includes walking, running, strafing, jumping, swimming and climbing ladders. While a moving target is definitely more difficult to hit, keep in mind that erratic movement isn’t without consequence. While engaging an enemy, it is often much better to stand your ground and take well-placed shots instead of strafing back and forth and firing wildly.