Airsoft Games & Rules

Airsoft games can find players creeping about in the undergrowth or engaging in a prison break.

Airsoft is a combat sport played using special guns that shoot plastic pellets designed not to injure other players. Since the impact of an airsoft pellet is hard to detect on a person, airsoft games generally rely on players being honest and owning up when hit. Airsoft players typically play in teams of two or more people, with games ranging from free-for-all skirmishes to military re-enactment scenarios. Each type of game has its own rules systems.


Perhaps the most basic of airsoft games, ‘Terminate’ features only two players, with each stalking each other across a designated play area. The game is timed, and in that allotted time players keep score of how many times each of them has shot the other. The player with the most hits is declared the winner. This game makes for much tension as the players creep about, especially if weapons are limited to pistols.

Prison Break

These games assume an opening scenario in which one team has been captured by the other and is being held in a detention facility of some kind, usually represented by a warded off area or building on-site. The prisoner team finds a chance to escape and must battle past the other team, representing the guards, in a bid for freedom. The prisoners win if they make it out of a specified area, while the guards have the victory if they can successfully re-capture the prisoners. According to the BP Airsoft website, there should be a designated zone in which the prisoners’ weapons are held at the start of the game. This area shouldn’t be too far from where the prisoners begin, since the prisoners will want to start by heading to this area and recovering their guns. Players who are hit must wait out the duration of the game.

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Police Shoot-Out

In this scenario, one team will take on the role of law enforcement officers while the other side will act out the part of a criminal gang, such as a bunch of bank robbers. The game is set up to re-create a real-life scenario, for example, the investigation of a pulled-over vehicle, as described by the Krunzy gaming website. Scenarios of this type tend to be over quickly, and, in order to maximize realism, players are often asked to use only airsoft pistols as opposed to airsoft rifles and other weapons.

Infected Horde

This game looks to replicate the feeling of spreading infection seen in horror films featuring monsters such as vampires and zombies. One player, chosen at random, begins the game as such a creature, utilizing a head start on the others to hide somewhere in the designated play area. That player then has the mission of turning all other players into the infected. As noted on the Krunzy website, if a non-infected player is hit by one of an infected player’s shots, then the non-infected player swaps sides and becomes one of the infected. If one of the infected players is hit, he is removed from the game. Should either team be entirely wiped out, the other team wins the scenario.