Airsoft Guns Safety Tips

Airsoft Gun in Action

Airsoft guns are firearm replicas manufactured and used solely for recreation. They propel 6mm plastic pellets at muzzle velocities from 100 to 850 feet per second with either compressed gas or a spring-driven piston. Although the guns are generally considered safe, accidents can occur, so keep a few tips in mind to prevent injuries.

Firing an Airsoft Gun Safely

The pellets used in Airsoft guns are too light and fired too slowly to penetrate skin, although they can cause bruises or welts, so wear loose clothing that covers all areas of the body (such as long pants and long-sleeved shirts). This should also include protective chest and neck padding, and padded gloves.

Like all projectiles, airsoft pellets can be fired into the eyes and cause blindness, so gun handlers should always wear proper goggles. Regular glasses and sunglasses don’t provide enough protection, so you’ll need special goggles specifically designed for such purposes which wrap around the sides of the face, or a helmet with goggles attached. Also, whenever shooting any firearm, it’s wise to use ear protection to prevent hearing loss.

Never use any firearm while you’ve been drinking or taking drugs or even if you’re sleep-deprived or affected by medications that cause excessive drowsiness.

Using Airsoft Guns Around Others

Always point guns in a safe direction away from other people, keeping the safety on until ready to use (and the barrel plugged), and don’t touch the trigger until you’re ready to shoot, to prevent accidental discharges. Keep the gun empty when not in use in a protective case and always keep these and other guns away from children. Always know your target and keep an eye on all areas around and beyond it to look for people and animals who might be in harm’s way.

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Airsoft guns have an orange tip to distinguish them from deadly weapons, and it’s a federal offense to remove this tip. Never wave an Airsoft gun around in any public place other than designated Airsoft sports facilities (even with the orange tip still attached), as this can frighten other people and lead to your arrest.

Never point an airsoft gun at any other person (even in competitive and sporting events) without their consent first and never point them at animals or pets.