Airsoft Law Information

Airsoft gun laws and restrictions vary in the United States.

Airsoft gun laws vary country to country around the globe. Airsoft guns use gas pellets and are used usually for paintball games. Airsoft guns resemble real firearms and because the result of such could lead to a potentially dangerous circumstance, the United States has implemented laws and policies governing the making, selling, and buying of Airsoft guns.

Age Requirement

Depending on which country an individual resides in, the minimum age requirement varies. For instance, in the United States, the minimum age requirement for buying an airsoft gun is 18 years old while in the United Kingdom, the age is 17 years of age. Also, in the United Kingdom, if the person is between in the ages of 14 and 17, he must be supervised by an adult. If the child is under the age of 14, he cannot buy or use an airsoft gun. The United States does not label airsoft guns as firearms and any individual of any age may use an airsoft gun according to Federal law. Although some states and cities in the United States implement restrictions on the use of airsoft guns or banning airsoft guns altogether.


Because an airsoft gun looks identical to a real gun and is manufactured to be a replica of a real gun, the United States law requires airsoft guns to be in a glass case if they are to be shown in open public. Also, most schools in the United States do not allow airsoft guns because the guns look so real.

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Orange Tips

Different countries have different requirements for the appearance of the barrel tips of airsoft guns. For example, the United States requires airsoft gun barrels to be manufactured with a 6mm tip painted the color orange or red to tell it apart from a real gun. France and England do not require any coloring to be made on the barrel tips. Orange barrels help police officers in the United States from mistaking an airsoft gun for a real gun as well as help keep the public from panic if the airsoft gun is publically displayed.


Some restrictions and rules placed on airsoft guns around the globe concern the “maximum muzzle velocity standards, use of trademarks of real firearms, use of unrealistic coloring to distinguish Airsoft guns from actual firearms.” If a person uses an airsoft gun to commit a crime, the law will perceive the gun as being an actual firearm and not just a replica.


If an individual is reckless with the operation of an airsoft gun in the United States, he may be criminally liable, especially if injury or death results. Adult supervision is recommended if a minor is operating an airsoft gun and airsoft guns should not be used in public because it may cause panic or public disturbance. Although it is legal to own and operate an airsoft gun in the United States, some states, cities and counties have restrictions on airsoft guns.