Airsoft Scenario Ideas

Airsoft scenarios can provide training for armed forces.

Airsoft is a recreational activity similar to paintball that uses lifelike weapons to help create realistic scenarios and training exercises. Airsoft guns fire small (6 mm or 8 mm) pellets and have muzzle velocities that are generally less than 500 feet per second, making them safe for use in a controlled environment.

While simple games like “head-to-head” and “free for all” can provide players with some quick and easy fun, in order to set up entertaining and educational Airsoft scenarios, do a little bit of advance planning.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is an objective-based scenario involving two teams that each have a flag at their base. The goal is to retrieve the opposing team’s flag and return it to your base before they can do the same thing. Teams often divide so some players are defending the flag while others go on the offensive and try to steal the opponent’s flag.

When a player is shot, he must acknowledge that he has been hit and then proceed to the “dead zone,” where he remains for a set period of time before re-entering the game. If a player is shot holding a flag, he must leave the flag where he was hit before moving to the dead zone. The game ends when one of the teams has both flags at its base.

Behind Enemy Lines

This scenario involves two teams. The blue team is in enemy territory and must get to a designated “evacuation zone” within a set time limit. The red team also knows where the evacuation zone is, and their objective is to stop the blue team from reaching it.

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The red team is allowed to have a few minutes to position themselves before the game begins. If a player on the blue team gets shot, she is out of the game and must head to the dead zone. If a player on the red team gets shot, she must head to the dead zone and wait three minutes before re-entering the game. The game is over when all the players on the blue team are in either the evacuation zone or the dead zone.


This scenario involves two teams: the suits and the company soldiers. Half of the suits play the role of corporate executives who want to defect to another company, while the other half play an extraction team sent by the prospective company to retrieve them. All other players are company soldiers and must try to stop the suits from reaching the designated evacuation zone.

Players who are acting as the corporate executives must only use pistols and side arms; this is to simulate the fact that businessmen would likely not know use larger caliber weapons in real life. Other players can use whatever weapons they want.

At the beginning of the scenario, the corporate executives are trapped in a building surrounded by company soldiers. It is up to the extraction team to find the building and get the executives to the evacuation zone. Any player that gets shot must head to the dead zone; the game is over once all the suits are either in the dead zone or the evacuation zone.

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Missed Supply Drop

In this scenario, the blue team has a larger force but is extremely low on ammo. It’s their job to find the supply crate and reload so they can take out the red team. The objective of the smaller but fully loaded red team is to kill the blue team before members can get to the supply crate and reload.