Airsoft Tactics & Strategies

Airsoft snipers strive to blend in with their surroundings.

Airsoft players employ a wide variety of tactics and strategies to overcome their opponents in the mock battles of the extreme sport. These maneuvers allow them to outwit their enemies and secure scenario objectives or eliminate enemies while protecting their own squad members. Understanding key techniques can lead to victory in a short airsoft battle or a protracted tournament-level war.


The type of gear employed by an airsoft player determines their role on the team. Assault troops use assault rifles and grenades. Shotgunners open doors and fire scattershot to disorient and eliminate close opponents. Snipers must hang back from the main group and pick off enemies at range. Heavy weapons units employ fully automatic airsoft cannons and medics can restore an eliminated player back to the match. Each player specializes in his role and must work within those parameters in order to best benefit the team.


Shotgunners lead assault troops into enclosed spaces. These troops, collectively referred to as an assault squad, flush out enemy positions and capture key locations or scenario objectives. Assault squads should move as a unit, leaving no one behind and covering their squadmates at all times. Snipers should crawl on their bellies and generally move as little as possible. They must remain on constant alert for exposed opponents and strive to never reveal their position. Heavy weapons units and medics may move as part of an assault squad or create their own support squad. Heavy weapons players may fire indiscriminately in the area of moving assault squads to create suppression and mask movement noise.

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Players who employ stealth tactics avoid enemy detection until they ready their weapons to fire. Truly stealthy players never give away their position unless eliminating a foe. Snipers and medics always strive for stealth, as sniper rifles and medic pistols are not designed for sustained combat. These players should stay close to the ground and remain vigilant for enemy targets. Assault troops and shotgunners must maintain a modicum of stealth by moving between bunkers quickly with as little noise as possible. Heavy weapons units should disregard stealth entirely; the noise of their cannons and constant barrage of plastic pellet fire is their best defense.