Airsoft Tricks

Airsoft guns often look like real guns with the exception of the orange tips. They are used in competitions and for fun. There are different tricks to using these guns that will help make them more useful to you so that you can have fun with them.


Learning toss your Airsoft gun like they do in the old Westerns is a good trick to learn. While this will not help you in competition, it is a fun trick to show off to your friends. This takes some time to learn and be sure that your gun has no ammo in it so it does not accidentally go off while you are practicing. Airsoft guns are not lethal but they can still cause harm, so take care to practice safely.

Dry Fire

If you are using your gun in films or just trying to fool your friends, you can do what is called “dry fire.” This means to fire your gun without any ammo. However, most Airsoft guns will stop firing after the ammo is gone. By putting some rubber art eraser under the spring, the gun will continue to fire long after there is nothing in it. Removing this rubber will restore the gun to its normal shooting form.

Tip Removal

Airsoft guns look so realistic that it is required by law that they have an orange tip on them. This lets people know that it is just an Airsoft gun. However, in some cases, you may want to remove this tip. Make sure that it is for a specific reason, like making a movie, and there is no way anyone will misjudge it for a real gun. This is when there’s a possibility of real danger. To take off the tip, simply unscrew it. If you want it to really look like a real gun, take a black sharpie and color the copper tube on the inside.

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Escape Plan

When playing in an Airsoft competition, make sure you have an escape plan. Practice grabbing your gun, holding it while running and getting away from the enemy. This will require you to practice quick maneuvering with your gun, especially if it is a bigger gun that cannot be easily put away.