Airsofting Tips

Airsoft battles are mock warfare skirmishes using compressed air guns that fire small plastic BB rounds. These have become increasingly popular amongst paintball and historical battle re-enactment players as the guns allow for greater range and tactics. Cleanup is also easier than paintball battles. Here are a few key tips for an airsofter looking to survive in the trenches.

Safety first

Eye protection is paramount when airsofting. Establish a common phrase such as “Blind Man!” or “Weapons Down!” to let people know that someone on the field has lost their goggles. Only sound the all-clear and resume combat when it is certain that everyone is protected. Stay hydrated, as camouflage combined with strenuous activity on a hot day can become more dangerous than enemy fire. Remember that airsoft skirmishes are mock battles and, while the adrenaline rush may be real, don’t get into physical fights over a game. Keeping your cool is important to both winning the game and ensuring that people will be looking forward to the next match.

Keep your head down

The smaller the target you present to your opponents, the greater the likelihood of you escaping unscathed. When peering around obstacles, always look to the sides and not over, as enemy snipers are likely to have their sights trained on the tops of any boxes, barrels or other barriers. By the same token, if you stay close to the ground or prone in the weeds, you may be able to catch an opponent unaware and with your gun steadied from contact with the ground. Sniping and cover fire are both very important tactics to utilize. If you can pin your opponent down in an unsecured location, victory is nearly assured.

Be well-equipped

Purchasing an airsoft rifle is an investment, and you should ensure that you not only have the best weapon for your activity, but also that you keep it clean and well-maintained. There’s an old military maxim that the only person a damaged weapon will kill is its wielder. If your weapon has a strong burst or automatic mode, make sure your clip can handle the additional rounds that will be needed to complete the mission. Charge your battery before each session if possible and check the barrel for obstructions such as dirt or jammed BBs. Using competition-grade BBs will cut down on weapon jams and misfires, which are a leading cause of losses. If allowed, you might want to consider grenades or claymores in addition to your rifle, as they can tip the odds in your team’s favor.