Arcade Machine Games

Once an incredibly popular form of entertainment for many of America’s youth, arcade machine games are now little more than a retro dream. There are collectors today who are keeping the hobby alive, but that’s part of the problem; it’s now only a hobby as opposed to the profitable business it once was. Despite this fact, the arcade machines on the market today still demand top dollar, and eager collectors are more than willing to pay.

Classic Arcade Games

Classical arcade machines come in all varieties, from machines that test your strength, scales that weigh you to predict your future and of course the standard arcade game cabinet. Some of the popular early arcade game titles include “Pac-Man” and “Space Invaders,” though in the latter years of arcade cabinets fighting games such as “Mortal Kombat,” “Virtua Fighter,” “Marvel vs. Capcom,” and “Killer Instinct” were amongst the most popular varities.

Pinball Machines

The first device that is truly considered to be a pinball machine is the 1931 “Whiffle Board.” Manufactured by Automatic Industries, wasn’t as popular as its first predecessor, “Ballyhoo.” Both were coin-operated machines constructed out of plain wooden boxes, but they paved the way for all pinball machines to come. This includes such pinball games as “Humpy Dumpty” (the first pinball game to feature flippers,) “Twilight Zone,” “Tales of the Arabian Nights,” “Addams Family,” “Big Buck Hunter,” “America 1492,” “Atari Pinball,” “Transcontinental,” “Dallas,” “Titan,” “Dr. Dude,” “Tales from the Crypt” and many more.

Shooting Games

Arcade shooting games let you experience the action by providing you with a tangible toy gun to use, and these types of arcade machines actually date back to the late 1800’s. Modern arcade shooting games allow you to aim at virtual targets on the screen and pull the trigger without having to press any other buttons. Arcade shooting games include “Mad Dog McCree,” “Safari,” “Stockade,” “Coney Island,” “Sniper,” “Dynamite Joe,” “Midnight Marauders,” “Crossbow Shoot,” “Shoot Out” and “Treasure Cove.”

Driving Games

Arcade driving games allow gamers to get behind the wheel of their own virtual vehicle. Arcade driving games typically feature a number of different virtual cars to choose from, as well as different tracks and courses. Some driving games even allow you to take control of an actual steering wheel, or better yet, sit an actual driver’s seat complete with rumble and motion capabilities. Some popular arcade driving games include “Cross Country Race,” “Speedway,” “F-1,” “F-1 Super Battle,” “Untouchable,” “Motorama,” “Indy 500,” “Time Trials” and “Drive Master.”