Ariakon Acp Paintball Pistol Information

Ariakon ACP Paintball Pistol Information

The Ariakon ACP Paintball Pistol is a top-of-the-line product that uses some of the most advanced technology in the recreational sport. The newest version of this kind of pistol is the ACP 2.0 series, a vast improvement on Ariakon’s Overload pistol series. The gun is very powerful for its size and is versatile in the sense that multiple accessories may be added to further increase quality.

Size and Weight

The Ariakon ACP Paintball Pistol measures roughly 13 inches in length with a height of 7 3/4 inches. The barrel of the pistol measures 8 inches but has the capability to be adjusted to a shorter length. The total weight of the pistol is about 2.0 pounds, including a 12-gram C02 power supply.


The newest version of the Ariakon ACP Paintball Pistol comes standard as a .68 caliber. Like most pistols used in paintball, this version is a semi-automatic operation. Each magazine, which is the clip holding the paintballs, holds 10 rounds and has the ability to be quickly changed on the fly due to the Ariakon pistols’ Rapid Reload Magazine System.

Shooting Capability

The ACP pistol has a total velocity of between 250 and 320 feet per second, which is about as powerful as a standard-sized semi-automatic gun. The pistol carries a maximum range of around 150 feet, but should be used primarily for shorter distance for greater accuracy. Each shot uses about .4 grams of the 12-gram C02 canister that is equipped with the pistol.

Accessory Rail

In the new 2.0 version of the pistol, a Weaver accessory rail affords the ability to have more additional options added to increase the effectiveness of the gun. Some of the attachment options are laser lights, tac lights, vertical grips, grenade launching mechanisms and bipods.

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Price Range

The majority of Ariakon ACP Paintball Pistols range in price from about $120 to $150, not including additional options such as different sights or lights. Many of the additional accessories that can be attached to the pistol range from $25 to $40. This model is more reliable and efficient than past models.