Armor Shooting Games

Armor shooting games involve blasting enemies, usually other tanks or robots.

In the world of gaming, the word “armor” typically refers to two things, depending on the type of game: big tanks, and big robots, also termed “mechs.” Armor, in both senses of the word, shows up in plenty of board and video games; whenever it does, players can be sure that there will be plenty of shooting to go along with it. Armor shooting games typically involve fighting against armored vehicles or controlling them to defeat enemies.

Console Games

Armor shooting games have appeared across gaming systems since the very advent of consoles. “Armor Attack,” a title for Vectrex Entertainment System, puts you at the helm of an armored vehicle. You move around the very simple game screen, which is a recreation of a ruined town, on the hunt for enemy tanks, which you’ll need to blast to survive. Helicopters are also a threat.

“Armored Core: Formula Front — Extreme” for the PSP system is a mech game, which offers plenty of robot customization options. You construct a team of mechs, using hundreds of available parts, and then take them onto the battlefield against enemy machines.

App Games

Some armor shooting games are available as cell phone applications. Three dimensional World War II simulation “Armor Hero” features a firing mechanism in which players stroke their phone screen to fire off shots. In each scenario, you confront enemies in a tank, and must also battle powerful boss opponents.

“Tank Hero,” a 3-D Android operating system title, features 80 levels of armor action. You guide your tank and engage with five different types of armor opponents. Control the battle using either a multi-touch function or its trackball.

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P.C. Games

Computer games are often more complex than the average armor shooting title. “Armor Command” is a real-time strategy game in which players command armies of ground vehicles in a war between an alien species named the Vrass and the defenders of Earth. The game features 22 missions per side, as well as a command system which involves the use of both mouse and keyboard.

“Shogo: Mobile Armor Division” is a mech-based first-person shooter, in which you fill the role of a soldier, out to defeat a shadowy organization. Some missions take place on foot, while others involve piloting a mech. The game has a heavy anime — a form of Japanese animation — influence.

Board & Card Games

Board and card games tend to be designed for multiple players. “Prochorovka: Armor at Kursk,” for instance, is based around a savage World War II battle between Russian and German forces. Players each control regiments of tanks, and simulate the battle by moving their units across a board of hexes.

In “Armor Supremacy,” a card game, the object is to construct tanks of varying specifications, which you then use to defeat the vehicles of opponents. Players utilize cards which represent tank parts, such as hulls and guns, to put together the armor, with the game mechanics bearing similarity to the classic card game “Rummy,” as noted by the Board Game Geek website.