Assemble A Lancer Paintball Gun

You should be able to assemble your Lancer paintball gun in under 15 minutes.

The Viewloader Lancer paintball gun is a lightweight paintball gun made with an aluminum body and barrel. This model can be easily cleaned and uses a vertical feed to get paintballs into the firing chamber. Similar to all paintball guns, this model is incredibly easy to assemble, with your three basic parts including the hopper, CO2 tank and gun barrel. However, as this model is no longer being produced and somewhat hard-to-find, getting replacement parts for your Lancer paintball gun can be challenging.


1. Screw the gun barrel into your Lancer paintball gun by hand. Just match the threads on the end of the barrel with threads on the front of your paintball gun and turn it into place.

2. Attach the hopper to your gun by loosening the nut on the top of your paintball gun with a pair of pliers to allow the hopper’s small tube to fit into your gun. Once attached, use your pliers to tighten the nut.

3. Attach the O-ring to the CO2 tank. The O-ring is a half inch black, rubber circle. Place the O-ring in the first indent on the front end of your CO2 tank.

4. Screw the CO2 tank into the rear end of your paintball gun until it is held tightly in place.