Assemble A Paintball Marker

The assembly of a paintball marker (paintball gun) is not complicated, but it’s important that you do it correctly. The paintball marker comes in various types: pump action, semi-automatic and some are even programmable for three-shot bursts. Some are programmable to be fully automatic.


1. Select the right sized barrel for the paintball marker. There are many different sizes and having the right sized barrel makes the marker more accurate. The best way to find out if the barrel is the right size is to insert the paintball in the end of the barrel that screws into the gun. By blowing into the threaded end of the barrel, the paintball should come out the front with little resistance.

2. Attach the hopper to the paintball marker. The hopper is the part of the assembly that holds the paintballs. It’s normally mounted on the top of the marker. Slide the hopper down over the sleeve of the paintball marker where the paintballs enter the hole. Tighten the screw at the base of the hopper.

3. Choose the kind of pressure tank you want to use. There are two different types of pressure tanks. One is liquid CO2, which turns into a pressurized gas when entering the marker and the other is nitrogen. This is just compressed air. You’ll have a rubber “o” ring on the end of the tank where it screws into the marker. Make sure this ring has no cuts on it or the marker will leak air.

4. Finish the assembly of the paintball marker by screwing the tank into the end of the gun. You’ll hear a hissing sound. This means your gun is pressurizing. Screw in the tank until it stops turning. Check for leaks on the marker.

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