Assemble A Remington Rw

Air rifles are enjoyed by youth and small-game hunters alike.

Remington is the only American gun maker that simultaneously produces weapons and ammunition. Many of its shotguns and rifles feature a model and serial number, preceded by the letters “RW.” This is the abbreviation for “Remington Works.” Although this monogram is affixed to a number of gun models, it is most common among Remington air-rifles.


1. Insert the piston into the action of the gun, where the compression chamber resides. The piston is the component that compresses the air to fire the gun. Follow the piston with the spring guide — it has a washer attached — and the mainspring.

2. Attach the trigger housing to the back of the action apparatus. The mainspring resists this operation, so place the trigger housing against a wall or table to hold it in place.

3. Insert the one or more bolts into the base of the action, to the front of the trigger. Begin turning the bolts manually, and then switch to the adjustable wrench.

4. Place the action in the stock, with the trigger closest to the butt-end. Screw in the trigger guard using an Allen wrench.

5. Insert the screws on each side of the stock forearm. The action must be properly aligned within the stock.

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