Assemble An Airsoft Gun

By knowing assemble an airsoft gun, you can make your own modifications.

Airsoft guns provide a good way to learn the basic mechanics of a gun. Not only are they much safer to operate, but they also have very few parts compared to most other guns. Whether you need to clean dirt out of your airsoft gun, are fixing a jammed pellet, making modifications or just want to learn about the internal workings of the gun, learning assemble an airsoft gun is a valuable skill.


1. Spread all of the parts out on a towel or piece of newspaper so they are within easy reach and none of the parts gets lost.

2. Set the barrel in the gun, with the end lining up with the front end of the gun. The barrel should rest inside the half-round plastic piece designed to hold it.

3. Slide the recoil spring plug into the recoil spring guide. The guide looks similar to the barrel, but is shorter. The plug should slide straight into the back of the guide.

4. Set one end of the spring inside the spring guide, letting it rest loosely inside the guide.

5. Place the opposite end of the spring over the round plastic piece at the end of the gun, farthest from the barrel.

6. Put tension into the spring by compressing it until the spring and the spring guide can fit inside the gun, directly behind the barrel.

7. Push the barrel guide securely down into the gun, right behind the barrel.

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8. Set the slide on top of the gun, lining it up with the body of the gun on both sides.

9. Push the slide back, causing it to slip into the grooves on the side of the airsoft gun.

10. Release the slide, allowing it to move forward into place.

11. Slide the clip into the bottom of the gun.