Assemble An Icon Paintball Gun

Assemble your own Icon paintball gun.

The Icon paintball gun, sometimes called a paintball marker, was manufactured by the company 32 Degrees and had been discontinued as of 2010. The Icon paintball gun was known as a good, inexpensive alternative to markers that cost much more. The Icon is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum and has such features as a dual finger trigger, cocking capability from either the right or left side and a durable gas line made of stainless steel. Assembling your Icon paintball gun should take no more than a few minutes.


1. Thread the barrel onto the gun’s main body, and tighten it in a clockwise direction until it is hand-tight.

2. Thread the small velocity adjuster into the hammer plug at the rear of the barrel two full turns in a clockwise direction.

3. Screw the barrel lock onto the front end of the barrel in a clockwise direction in case the gun is accidentally discharged.

4. Put the gun into safe mode by sliding the safety button to the right.

5. Cock the gun by sliding the bolt back until it locks into position. Point the gun toward the ground and thread a propellant cylinder into the fitting near the bottom of the hand grip in a clockwise direction until it seats on the fitting.

6. Attach the paintball hopper to the feed tube at the top of the main body of the gun by loosening the two thumbscrews on the hopper and placing the small hole in the hopper over the feed tube. Tighten the lower thumbscrew on the hopper in a clockwise direction. Move the hopper so the lid is facing the rear of the gun, and tighten the upper thumbscrew in a clockwise direction.