Attach A Paintball Co2 Tank

The CO2 tank is what powers your paintball gun. If the tank is not attached correctly, you will most likely not get the same power from your shot as you would if the CO2 tank was properly attached. Once you learn attach the tank, it should only take several seconds. You can practice the following steps and become proficient with attaching the CO2 tank.


1. Check the rubber ring around the nozzle of the CO2 tank to be sure that it fits securely. This ring keeps all of the CO2 inside of the tank. If the O-ring on your tank is not secure, you need to find a way to make it so. Without a well-fitted O-ring, CO2 will leak from your tank as you play.

2. Find the threaded insert for your tank. This is where you will screw the Co2 tank onto the gun. Most likely, the insert will be located on the back side of your gun around the grip area.

3. Line up the CO2 tank with the threaded insert. Rotate the tank clockwise. It should begin to screw into place. When it is tight, you will hear and feel a burst of air come from your gun. This is normal, and it means you are attaching your tank correctly. Keep twisting the tank clockwise until it is as tight as you can possibly make it. Now your CO2 tank is attached to your gun.

4. Check the tank and how it fits inside of your gun. If the CO2 tank was not properly put into place it may be tilted to a point where CO2 is leaking from your gun. If CO2 is leaking out, readjust your tank so that it fits in perfectly straight to your gun.

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