Attach A Stock To An A5

Attaching a stock to your marker can improve your accuracy

A stock improves the way your paintball marker looks and usually makes it more functional. Stocks increase your accuracy by allowing the marker to rest securely against your shoulder, and they can help the marker feel more balanced in your hands. There are multiple kinds of stocks available for an A-5 marker, but most follow a simple installation process using a a few household tools.


1. Remove the plate on the very rear of your A-5 by pushing out the two retaining pins. Keep one hand over the plate and slide it out slowly. Place the plate and pins to the side.

2. Position the stock adapter in place of the rear plate and press the pins back into their holes. Your stock adapter may require rubber shims to keep all the joints tight.

3. Slide the stock into the stock adapter and screw it in place with an Allen wrench.

4. Some stocks require the CO2 adapter to be removed from the bottom of the rear grip. Remove the CO2 adapter and install any CO2 passage components provided with the stock after covering the threads with Teflon tape.

5. Install the front grip of your stock over the CO2 adapters if applicable. Some stocks install over the manufacturers front grip, and others require the front grip to be removed. The front stock you are installing will screw or clip into place.