Attach An Adjustable Stock To A Paintball Gun

You can add a stock to the rear of the paintball gun.

Playing paintball is a fun way to enjoy virtual warfare with friends. It involves strategy, teamwork and, most important, an effective weapon. There are various paintball guns on the market, but almost all of them have the capacity to add a rear stock. Adding an adjustable stock to your paintball gun allows you to support the weapon better, which increases accuracy when firing. These stocks can be attached and removed quickly, depending on how you like to play.


1. Access the CO2 cartridge in your paintball gun and remove it. This cartridge is usually located inside the handle of the gun. On other guns it is a larger tank that screws on to the rear of the gun near the base of the handle.

2. Locate the slot at the rear of the paintball gun. This is the slot where you attach the adjustable stock.

3. Slide the small end of the stock into the slot at the back of the paintball gun and flip the locking mechanisms near the base of the stock down to lock it in place. Some stocks may have screws at the base, which need to be tightened to secure the stock. If the stock attachment is inside the gun, proceed to the next step.

4. Remove all screws on the side panel of the paintball gun. Remove the side panel to expose the internal components. Locate the stock attachment mechanism at the rear of the gun.

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5. Fit the stock in place over the mechanism and replace the side panel of the gun and screws.