Avoid Gnats On A Walk

Summertime and gnats seem to go together. Whether they are called gnats, blackflies or midges in your part of the world, they are the same tiny, flying nuisance. In regions where they exist, they are plentiful and seemingly impossible to avoid completely. And while not all varieties of gnats will bite, the ones that do can leave behind painful, itchy welts. In the battle of human versus gnat, however, there are a few things that can be done to minimize the nuisance of the little flies and still enjoying a summertime stroll.


1. Pick the right time of day. Gnats are generally most active at dawn and dusk. Wait for the sun to come up fully before your morning walk. Plan your last walk to be completed before the sun sets.

2. Avoid walking along still waters. Gnats love lazy rivers and streams. Walking along water is a surefire way to have your walk disrupted by gnats.

3. Cover up. The less skin you have exposed, the less likely it is that gnats will be able to bite you. While this doesn’t reduce the number of gnats you encounter on your walk, it can help make the end result less painful and itchy.

4. Apply an insect repellent to exposed skin and your clothes. DEET, citronella lotion and permethrin all have varying levels of effectiveness. Follow the instructions that come with the product you choose.

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