Avoid Paintball Bruises

There is no doubt that a game of paintball can be fun and exciting. However, it is important to remember that you are a playing a game where paint-filled pellets are being fired out of guns at high speeds, which means the potential to get hurt is there. Bruises are a typical paintball ailment, but they can be prevented.


1. Wear the necessary protective clothing before taking the field. Fashion is not an issue here. You need to wear shirts with long sleeves, long pants and boots or closed-toed shoes. Consider dressing in layers if you bruise easily or are a beginner (because as a beginner, many people will be gunning for you).

2. Keep your helmet on at all times! They may seem a bit cumbersome, but they are much less problematic than taking a paintball shot to the head. Besides, removing your helmet can be grounds for ejection from the playing field.

3. Invest in protective goggles. Nobody wants a huge shiner as a souvenir from their day of paintball fun. Besides bruises, serious injury to the eyes can occur if they are not protected. Wear a face mask as well.

4. Consider some protective padding, especially in specific places that bruise easily.

5. Avoid getting hit by the paintballs. This sounds simple and silly, but it really is the best way to not get paintball bruises. Bob and weave, make good use of the field obstacles, and above all, go on the offensive! Get them before they have the chance to get you.

6. Have a talk with any of your friends who might think it is funny to shoot paintballs at you from a too-short distance. This is a game, not an opportunity to injure friends for the sake of humor.

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