Bass Pro Shop Games

Whether you prefer casting your line or shooting your rifle, several games themed around hunting and fishing are available for play bearing the moniker of outdoor store Bass Pro Shops. The titles represent more than a decade of gaming and were released for a variety of home video gaming consoles.

Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt

Explore some of the best hunting spots in the North American wilderness in “Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt” for the Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and PC. Choose from a wide variety of weapons, including rifles, pistols, shotguns, knives and bows. The game includes Bass Pro Shops themed gear, such as global positioning systems, scents and wildlife calls. Play the “Quick Hunt” mode to get right into action or plan your long-term strategy in “Career Mode.” See how you fare against other hunters by competing in the Bass Pro Shops Continental Classic Hunting Championship. This 2010 title also offers some mini-games such as ATV races and target range shooting.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike

Take your boat to some of the best fishing spots in North America in “Bass Pro Shops: The Strike” for PC, Xbox 360 and Wii. Use a standard controller or buy the package that comes with a fishing rod peripheral to cast your line and try to find hot spots for fish in several North American lakes. The 2009 title lets you choose from a variety of rods and reels and use different types of bait to catch dozens of species of fish.

Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Bass 2007

“Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Bass 2007” offers nine different competitions, including tournament fishing. Show your skills at casting and boat racing, in addition to your prowess at landing the big one in this 2006 game for the original Xbox and PC. You can fish in 13 different lakes and use more than 100 lures. This title features a progression system, so you can unlock better boats and gear by finishing well in tournaments. Earn money in events by catching the biggest bass, as well.

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Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Hunter 2007

Stalk prey in 10 North American hunting locations in “Bass Pro Shops: Trophy Hunter 2007” for the PC and Xbox. This 2006 title lets you choose from rifles, shotguns and bows to hunt a variety of prey that includes grizzlies and polar bears. Choose from “Quick Hunt” and “Career Hunt” depending on the amount of time you wish to dedicate to the effort. Bullets are affected by wind and foliage, so plan your shots carefully.