Bb Gun Safety Tips

BB guns can be dangerous.

BB guns offer users of all ages a chance to learn about firearm responsibility. These imitation firearms fire plastic pellets at velocities typically lower than that of lethal weapons. BB guns should not be underestimated, though, as thousands of users are injured each year by failure to practice proper BB gun safety.

Consider All Guns Loaded

Users of all projectile weapons, including BB guns, should consider them loaded and ready to fire at all times. Failure to respect all weapons as potentially lethal devices results in numerous injuries every year. Users should never look into the barrel of any BB gun, even when cleaning or removing jammed pellets. Never point the weapon towards anything that you do not wish to shoot. Do not cock or prime the gun until you are ready to fire.

Engage Safeties and Unload for Transport

BB gun safeties prevent accidental firing when transporting or storing a weapon. Unload all weapons and engage the safety before attempting to run, climb or jump with a BB gun in hand. Accidentally dropping a loaded weapon might disengage the safety and cause the weapon to fire. BB guns must be unloaded prior to loading into any private or public vehicles.

Shoot Safely

Know and understand your gun thoroughly before firing. Users should understand the firing mechanism and aiming and reloading techniques for their weapon before taking it to a range or shooting area. Never fire upon a hard surface, including flat water such as lakes or ponds, as the shot can ricochet wildly. Always inspect your target area prior to shooting and keep an eye out for passers-by, wildlife and other potential dangers. Clean your weapon after each use to prevent future jams or misfires.

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