Be A Great Airsoft Sniper

Airsoft is a similar sport to some styles of paintball, usually pitting teams against each other in a wilderness or open area with structures that approximates a war zone. Airsoft snipers are responsible for stealthy movements, staying hidden and eliminating enemy targets before they are recognized.


1. Find a good gun. While many airsoft players prefer to use a handgun or a small sub-machine gun because they are quicker and easier to fire, a sniper’s first considerations must be range and accuracy, not speed. Choose a full rifle model with an extended barrel and a heavy stock for stability. A longer barrel will also increase the muzzle velocity, which will increase the effective operational range of the weapon.

2. Camouflage yourself well. Most of a sniper’s time is not spent shooting; its spent hiding. Camouflage may well be your most important asset. Choose camouflage patterns that are appropriate for the area where you will be playing: use forest green camo for woods games; drab camo for urban settings; and white-based camo for games in the snow. Consider a ghillie suit as well, which provides netting that you can fill with local vegetation to increase your disguise. Top off a camouflage job with face paint of the same color(s) as your camo.

3. Learn to move silently and inconspicuously. The movements of a good sniper require great patience and the ability to sit, lie or crouch for extended periods of time without moving, sometimes in uncomfortable positions. Practice moving without breaking twigs and rustling leaves, and learn to look all around before making movements to avoid giving away your position.

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4. Practice your shooting and learn when to take shots. Take your time setting up shots. A missed shot can give away your position, so it’s worth your time to set up carefully and make sure your first shot is a hit.