Be A Paintball Referee

When groups of paintball players, whether speedball or woodsball, come off the field to complain of someone wiping, ignoring shots, coming back from the dead or even shooting the dead, it ruins the game. Paintball referees put a stop to all of that. Their presence enforces the rules and makes the game more fun for everyone playing.


1. Get a jersey. Referees are on the paintball field just like the players. Bright colored jerseys, specifically those with horizontal stripes and the word “Referee” on them minimizes the amount of shots the players take at you.

2. Find a field or league to work with. Although it’s difficult to referee your own team members, many individuals have done it in the past. It’s best to referee on a field and with a team in which you are not an active participant.

3. Memorize and follow the rules for the field you’re refereeing for. There are a few basic rules for paintball that the majority of fields tend to follow, but each field has its own set of rules as well.

4. Practice with a mentor. As with all activities, practice makes perfect. Until you have refereed a few games, you won’t spot all the wiping and other “illegal” activities. A mentor can help you spot those activities on the field.

5. Train with the professionals. The National Professional Paintball League Professional Referee Organization trains referees at various US locations throughout the year in special conferences. To become a professional referee, and referee NPPL events, you must be accredited by their organization.

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