Be A Pro Sniper On “Combat Arms”

Combat Arms” is an online first-person shoot’em up that lets up to 15 players fight against each other at any one time. The game features many different kinds of weaponry including sniper rifles. While offering excellent opportunities for killing enemy from a distance, to become a pro, you must learn techniques that will ensure your survival out in the field.


1. Take cover behind walls or long grass wherever possible to make it difficult for your enemies to spot you.

2. Keep moving when possible to ensure that enemies don’t lock in on your position.

3. Carry a pistol in case of a sudden close confrontation with an enemy; the sniper rifle is not good for close combat.

4. Add a silencer to your sniper rifle to remove the sound of your gun giving your position away to any enemies in the area.

5. Take time to aim and go for a headshot; giving your opponent a second to spot you after a first, unsuccessful shot could give your position away.

6. Move from left to right when engaged with another sniper to make it more difficult for them to hit you.

7. Keep looking around wherever you are going; you may spot an enemy that you can take out quickly and by surprise.