Be A Sniper In Paintball

Wait in hiding and eliminate your opponents from the paintball game one by one.


1. Practice shooting your paintball gun for accuracy before you play. Get used to the sighting system and range of your paintball gun.

2. Outfit yourself in camouflage that matches the area you are playing in. Carry nothing bright or reflective.

3. Scout a location your opponents must pass through, such as near your flag or along a key access route.

4. Move quickly to your position once the game starts.

5. Be sure you’re well hidden, but also that you have an unobstructed shot.

6. Plan your escape route in advance.

7. Make sure your paintball gun is cocked and loaded. If you have to do this when your target is in sight, you may give away your position.

8. Wait silently and remain motionless. Listen to determine the course of the game.

9. Shoot your opponent with a single shot when he or she is within range. If multiple opponents are in site, take the easiest shot first and then keep shooting. You may need to use that escape route now.

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